VIP Bin Cleaning (Bedfordshire)

Thank you for visiting our Bedfordshire website. We are a family-run business who have operated a bin cleaning service in the Bedfordshire area for over 22 years. We believe we offer an unbeatable customer service at a competitive price. We are able to wash one or all of your bins as often as you require. Please see below price list for domestic cleans.


One-off Bin Clean £9.00 (Subject to availability)
General Waste Wheelie Bin £4.20 (Cleaned every 4 weeks)
Recycle Wheelie Bin £4.20 (Cleaned every 4 weeks)
Garden Waste Wheelie Bin £4.20 (Cleaned every 4 weeks)
Food Caddy £1.20 (When cleaned with a wheelie bin)

Take advantage of our pre-payment offers of:
6 Wheelie Bin Cleans for £23.04 (£3.84 per clean, saving £2.16) or
12 Wheelie Bin Cleans for £43.20 (£3.60 per clean, saving £7.20)

All prices include VAT. Cheque minimum of £8.40.

For all commercial enquiries please contact our office on 01462 813820.


GoCardless. Our preferred method of payment, a simple, safe and digital method of making recurring payments for your bin cleans. Click here to register your details and set up a Go Cardless Direct Debit with VIP Bin Cleaning (Bedfordshire).


PayPal via the Pay for Your Bin Clean Online button, the payment method is easy using PayPal and it is not necessary to have a PayPal account.

Bank Transfer (Our Bank Details will be posted after we clean your bin).

Cheque (minimum £8.40).

Contact us by email on
or call 01462 813820 / 07842 597836

If you are reading this as a regular customer we thank you for your custom and would welcome any comments you may have about our service.